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Statistician in OECD

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Statistician in OECD

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Job Title: Statistician

Reference: 3643
Grade/Level: B5
Please apply before midnight, Central European Time (CET), on:

We are an equal opportunity employer and we encourage all qualified candidates to apply.

The OECD is a unique forum where the governments of 31 market democracies work together to address the economic, social and governance challenges of the globalising world economy, as well as to exploit its opportunities.

We are looking for a statistician to work on the OECD’s R&D statistics. This includes collecting R&D data from national contacts, managing the R&D databases, take the lead in designing and preparing the Main Science & Technology Indicators (MSTI) and Analytical Business Enterprise R&D (ANBERD) publications and contribute to maintaining the R&D sources and methods databases. S/he will work under the supervision of an Economist/Policy Analyst, and in close collaboration with other statisticians, in the Economic Analysis and Statistics (EAS) Division of the Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry (STI).

Job Duties
1. Data collection and methodology

• Contribute to the collection of data from countries via electronic means on the basis of statistical questionnaires or direct access to national data sources. Review the standard data supplied by countries, verify the accuracy and coherence of the data and take the necessary steps to rectify any anomalies discovered, including contacting the national authorities as required.
• Keep abreast of changes in international methodologies and point out the impacts of such changes on OECD specifications.
• Contribute to reviewing the metadata and updating the online Sources and Methods documentation/databases (R&D and GBAORD).

2. Networking

• Maintain contacts at the appropriate level with other statistical units in the OECD, in other international organisations and in national statistical offices to ensure the best use of the data available.
• Contribute to electronic discussion group(s) on statistical issues, including the EDGs of statistical working parties.
• Liaise with other international organisations on joint data collection activities (e.g. Eurostat).
• Keep abreast of publications and/or Web sites for the topics and countries concerned and for the main specialist international organisations (UNESCO Institute for Statistics, Eurostat, etc).

3. Statistical work

• Carry out calculations for the indicators included in the biannual MSTI publication, and estimations for the annual ANBERD publication.
• Contribute to the development of, and assure the material preparation necessary for, the publication and dissemination of the data, both electronic (including on-line) and paper versions.
• Analyse the data and contribute to ongoing reviews of existing indicators and publications.

4. Data use and dissemination

• Provide advice to members of the Secretariat and respond to queries from external users relating to the availability and use of data series for analysis and inclusion in OECD and external statistical publications.
• Take an active role in on-line data dissemination and visualisation, including with the use of dynamic interactive tools such as OECD eXplorer.

5. Analysis support actitivies

• Prepare tables, graphs and annotations for the topics concerned. Make estimates and adjustments for missing data points where appropriate.
• Conduct exploratory data analysis, provide advice to the Analysts and contribute to drafting analytical papers.

Qualifications: education, experience, communication and languages
1. Education and experience

• University degree in economics, applied statistics or a related area, with a strong background in quantitative methods and a good knowledge of information technology.
• Substantial experience in the production and/or use of economic statistics in the areas of S&T and/or industry, including documentation on its sources, definitions, coverage, methodology, reliability and comparability, in an international organisation or national statistical office.

2. Key competencies

• Knowledge of OECD databases and microcomputer software, and familiarity with current data-processing technology, in particular, Excel, StatWorks, MetaStore. Knowledge of SAS, SQL and B20/20 would be an advantage.
• Experience with developing policy relevant indicators, visualising data and designing publications
• Ability to draft methodological and technical papers and correspondence on statistical matters.
• Ability to use data in descriptive analysis and contribute to the drafting of analytical papers.

3. Communication and OECD official languages

• Good interpersonal and communications skills and demonstrated ability to work well in a team. Ability to work well in a multicultural environment with a minimum of supervision.
• Experience in communicating and interacting with statistical experts and OECD delegates would be an advantage.
• Excellent knowledge of one of the official languages of the OECD (English or French) with the ability to draft very well in that language. Good knowledge of the other. Knowledge of one or more of the other languages of OECD member countries would be an advantage.

N.B. Applicants must have been successful in the OECD's test for Statisticians.

The appointment may initially be made at the level immediately below if the qualifications and professional experience of the selected applicant correspond to that level; in this case, the duties and responsibilities assigned to the post will be adjusted accordingly.

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