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(20100701) 7th International Conference on Applied Financial Economics, Samos - Greece

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(20100701) 7th International Conference on Applied Financial Economics, Samos - Greece

Δημοσίευση από prakour Την / Το Δευ 2 Νοε 2009 - 15:59

The 7th International Conference on Applied Financial Economics will be held in Samos Island Greece, during 01-03 July 2010. The AFE Conference has run annually for the past six years, and continuing the tradition will seek to address the many challenges and new directions on the field of Financial Economics. Providing keynote speakers, plenary sessions, workshops and forums, the Conference aims at promoting research and provides an opportunity for intensive interdisciplinary interaction and debate between academics and practitioners with research interests in the field of finance, accounting and business management. The conference has grown over the years and now attracts researchers of major institutions internationally as well as from within Greece.

The aim of 7th AFE Conference is to bring together academicians and practitioners with research interests in the field of finance, accounting and business management. The conference provides a forum for disseminating new research findings, practices and techniques in finance and exchanging ideas among academicians and practitioners to promote a better understanding of contemporary issues and solutions to the challenges in the region's financial markets and economies. This conference would encourage the young generation to pursue research interests in the areas of business and finance.

Academicians and researchers are invited to share their unpublished research findings in all areas mentioned below:

Banking control and supervision,
Finance, management,
Financial economics

Possible topics for submission include, but are not limited to:

Asset Pricing
Market Microstructure - Market Efficiency
Investment Management
Corporate Finance
Personal finance
Public finance
Banking and Insurance
Financial Derivatives and Hedge Funds
Risk Management
Commodities Markets
International Finance
Islamic Finance
Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance
Venture Capital and Private Equity
General Management
Financial Markets and Institutions
Portfolio theory
Investment and financing problems
Emerging markets
Macro-economics and finance
Econometric issues, mathematical finance, statistics
Constraint finance
Virtual finance
Financial regulation
Actuarial topics
Financial software tools
Regional and Rural Financial Development
International Accounting
Internet banking
E-commerce, entrepreneurship

Any paper on the theory or applications of options, derivatives and real options is welcome.

Possible topics also include competition and strategic options, R&D and innovation, new product development, capabilities, infrastructure and network investments, valuation of natural resources, commodities and power investments, growth options, corporate valuation and IPOs, investments involving learning, agency issues and incentives, environmental protection and public policy, case studies, venture capital, entrepreneurial finance, insurance, etc.

We expect to have sessions on telecoms, oil/energy, and the environment/public policy.

Selected papers published in the Conference proceedings will also be published in special issue(s) of the above international journals after peer revision by members of Conference's and Journals' Scientific Committees.

International Journal of Financial Markets and Derivatives (IJFMD)
Journal of Money, Investment and Banking (JMIB)
International Journal of Financial Economics and Econometrics (IJFEE)

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