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1-2 Assistant professor/-s (tenure track) in Statistics, Department of Economics, Göteborg

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1-2 Assistant professor/-s (tenure track) in Statistics, Department of Economics, Göteborg

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1-2 Assistant professor/-s (tenure track) in Statistics

Type of employment: Fixed-term employment, 2 years, after that possibility to be promoted a Senior Lecturer.
Extent: 100 %
Location: Department of Economics, Göteborg
First day of employment: to be decided Reference number: PER 2012/12

The School of Business, Economics and Law is recruiting 1-2 Assistant professor/-s (tenure track) in Statistics (in Swedish: Biträdande universitetslektor i statistik) - located at the Department of Economics. The Department of Economics has about 80 employees, further information about the Department is found at The major fields of research at the department are currently Behavioral Economics, Econometrics, Environmental Economics, Development Economics, Finance and Industrial Economics.
Subject area
Job assignments
An Assistant professor will be involved in teaching (50 %) and research (50 %). We seek academics who are interested in giving and developing courses at undergraduate and masters levels in statistics and econometrics. Candidates must be able to teach in Swedish and in English and the research is expected to fit in with the research taking place at the Department. It is also assumed that they will actively seek external research funding.
Anyone who has completed a doctorate in statistics, mathematical statistics, econometrics or economics or similar may be employed as an Assistant professor in Statistics. Applicants should have completed their doctorate no more than six years before the end of the application period. Applicants who have completed their doctorate sooner will be considered if there are special reasons for doing so (1.2.1. Appointments procedure at GU E 5 4898/10).
When making the appointment, special emphasis will be given to academic and pedagogical ability in equal measure. Research skills within statistics, finance statistics and mathematical statistics are considered an additional qualification as well as applications within the departments profile areas. Concerning pedagogical ability teaching in statistics is an additional qualification. Applicants must be able to teach in Swedish and in English and have an excellent ability to administer and organize teaching. Cooperation skills, ability to cooperate with the surrounding society and ability to apply for and get external research funding will also be taken into account when making the appointment.
Additional information
At the end of the contract period, there will be an opportunity for promotion to senior lecturer if the candidate is eligible for such a position and is also deemed suitable for this in an appraisal in accordance with the grounds for assessment laid down by the University for employment in the position of senior lecturer (4.2. Appointments procedure at GU E 5 4898/10).
Please apply online and the application must contain
Resumé/CV and personal details.
Educational certificates, diplomas e.d. should be attached (sect. 9).
A declaration of intent on a maximum of two pages in which the applicant explains how he/she intends to work if he/she is offered the position (sect 2).
Research activities
A list of the 5 (maximun) academic works cited in the application, justification over the selection and a brief written account of the applicant’s own academic research activities (sect 8.1).
The publications referred to above must be attached (sect 9).
Teaching activities
A brief written account of the applicant’s own academic education and activities and self-reflection. Course evaluations or equivalent should must be attached or referred to (sect. 9).
A list of the 5 (maximum) textbooks/teaching materials may be referred to and must be attached (sect. 9).
A brief written account of the applicant’s own leadership abilities (8.3) administrative skills and any collaboration with surrounding society and other activities (sect 8.4).
References (sect 7).
All attachments (sect 9) must be named appropriately.
If the publications are unavailable in digital form, these may be sent separately. In such instances, three identical sets of the cited works are to be sent by post, marked PER 2012/12.

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