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PhD positions – OR/OM in Healthcare

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PhD positions – OR/OM in Healthcare

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Within the research group CHOIR of the University of Twente we are looking for PhD students in the field of Operations Research/Operations Management in Healthcare. This position will be in collaboration with HagaZiekenhuis in The Hague.

CHOIR - Centre for Healthcare Operations Improvement & Research
CHOIR is a multidisciplinary collaboration of University of Twente, representing the following research areas:
· Operations Research
· Logistics and Operations Management
· Purchase Management
· Information Technology and Management
· Quality and Safety Management

The research of CHOIR supports healthcare institutions in their efforts to increase the quality of services while simultaneously decrease costs. New business process technologies help healthcare institutions provide high-quality care, combined with continuous innovation, at minimal costs. Examples are the development and application of information technology and the optimization of logistical processes with state-of-the-art mathematical modeling and computer simulation. These business process improvements often result in lower work pressure and higher employee retention.

The researchers involved have a broad expertise, originating from a tradition of research and innovation in industry, transportation and ICT. In the last decade a new focus on healthcare has come into being, not only in research but also in education.

PhD students within CHOIR are located at one of the collaborating hospitals/healthcare institutions for three days of the week, and work at the University of Twente for the remaining two days of the week. In this way, they can on one side work on relevant problems from practice, but on the other side learn from the experience of their advisors and collaboration with their fellow PhD students. Once every two weeks, all researchers within CHOIR (currently: 5 professors, 6 PhD students, and master students) meet during a research meeting to discuss their ongoing and finished work. This position will be filled in collaboration with HagaZiekenhuis in The Hague.

The HagaZiekenhuis is the leading top-clinical teaching hospital in the area Haaglanden with 23 recognized trainings. The HagaZiekenhuis offers excellent basic care, and distinguishing top-clinical functions like the cardiac clinic and the Juliana child hospital. Furthermore, HagaZiekenhuis is home to the busiest emergency room in the Netherlands.

The HagaZiekenhuis is continuously working towards the future, among others by constantly prioritizing patient care and kindness, but also by stimulating scientific research. This scientific research is not just medically oriented; in the hospital there is also a lot of research going on in the area of patient logistics as well. In other words, HagaZiekenhuis is a perfect location for performing highly relevant scientific research on OR/OM topics in healthcare.

We are looking for a researcher with a Master degree in the field of (applied) mathematics, industrial engineering or a related field. The PhD student should have excellent communication skills, both verbal and in writing. The candidate should be fluent in English. Knowledge of Dutch is not required, but is preferred, so is affinity for healthcare applications.

Conditions of employment
In accordance with the university regulations for academic personnel, the gross monthly salary of a PhD student is € 2042,-- in the first year to € 2612,-- in the last year. The appointment will be for four years. The University of Twente has an attractive package of fringe benefits. For more info, see:

For more information about this vacancy you can contact: E.W. Hans, phone: +31 53 489 3523 or e-mail: Applications should be sent should consist of an application/motivation letter and a detailed CV.

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