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Data Scientist / Statistician by Bare Square

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Data Scientist / Statistician by Bare Square

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Data Scientist / Statistician
Bare Square

Job description
Do you have experience on Machine Learning? Or, can you prove you can accomplish advanced algorithm definition based on your strong statistical background?

Do you believe that, in the coming years, Data will totally transform our way of life, both at work and in our personal space?

Would you like to be involved in building an industry-changing data tool?

Bare Square is looking for a Data Scientist/Statistician to assist us in building it.

Our ideal candidate has applied machine learning techniques in products that reached the market.

However, we will also consider: a) academic researchers interested in creating output that reaches people and impacts their lives; b) self-taught data scientists who wish to advance their careers by working for an established data analytics provider with an international client base. If you have bold professional aspirations, are intrigued by future technologies, and not intimidated by the data management challenges, you are welcome to introduce yourself to our team.

What you will do

You will be working with our experienced analysts to evaluate the effectiveness of our in-house statistical algorithms. Depending on what you find, you will then modify the algorithm definition to perform better in terms of how the data is processed, summarized and presented to end users. Your responsibilities will also include the statistical algorithms used to recognize patterns in the data, receive input from end users and improve pattern recognition accuracy in future applications.

In sum, expect to do ad-hoc data exploration when prototyping new ideas with the rest of the team, and then pushing them to development in bi-weekly release cycles.

You will also acquire new skills, including current best practices in the Analytics industry and how to deliver high-value output to the global market while still residing in Thessaloniki, Greece.

As a company, we believe in the personal development of our team members, and we invest in their training in cutting-edge technologies.

Who we are looking for

The person we are looking for

--is determined to make data worthwhile

--has genuine team spirit, is open to learning, and feels strongly about sharing knowledge

--wants to build value for their clients and have a positive impact on their community

--has faith in well-intentioned people, is not afraid to show originality, and wants to achieve great professional output while having fun in the process.

Desired Skills and Experience
Required: R, statistics

Strongly desired: PhD in related field; machine learning; time series analysis; databases with PostgreSQL or MySQL; Java, Ruby, or Python.

Good to have: Basic ElasticSearch experience; familiarity with any web analytics platform (Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Piwik, Snowplow)

If you are interested in the position but your experience doesn't yet match the requirements, you can use this job posting to apply for an entry-level position in the same area as a pathway to eventual promotion.


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