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Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the School of Mathematics, University of Bristol,

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Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the School of Mathematics, University of Bristol,

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Applications are invited for a 3 year Research Associate role in Mathematics, tenable from 1 October 2017 (or a nearby date to be agreed).
The aim of this project, funded by EPSRC UK, is to perform cutting edge research in the following two fields of modern probability theory and stochastic processes: (a) random walks and diffusions with long memory (including self-interacting walks, walks in random environment, tracer diffusion in interacting particle systems); (b) stochastic representations in statistical mechanics with special emphasis on quantum spin and particle systems. The Research Associate will work with Professor Balint Toth <> at the School of Mathematics <>, University of Bristol <>.

The applicant should have, or expect to hold shortly, a PhD in Mathematics or Theoretical Physics and experience in some aspect of probability theory, stochastic processes and/or mathematical statistical physics.

The School of Mathematics <>, University of Bristol <> is a leading centre of mathematical research in the UK and worldwide. The vibrant research atmosphere, seminars, colloquia and workshops held regularly there will secure an optimal professional environment for the prospective post holder.

The School will occupy its new home, the fully renovated Fry Building <> of the University at about the starting time of this position. This will be one of the few most stunning mathematics buildings of a UK university.

The School of Mathematics is a supporter of the LMS Good Practice Scheme <> aiming at advancing women's careers in mathematics.

For informal enquiries please contact: Professor Balint Toth <> at <>


For full information about the job and online application click here <>
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