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Head of Data @ MarineTraffic - Global Ship Tracking Intelligence

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Head of Data @ MarineTraffic - Global Ship Tracking Intelligence

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Head of Data
MarineTraffic - Global Ship Tracking Intelligence

Job description
MarineTraffic, the global ship tracking intelligence service, with six million unique monthly users and over 20,000 user registrations per month, is hiring an experienced professional that will take on as Head of Data to manage all data related activities.

You will be responsible to guide and monitor all activities of a team of ten related to:
  • data quality enhancement,
  • data analytics and reports for internal and external customers,
  • data extraction in response to customer or internal requests,
  • identification, sourcing and monitoring third party datasets for product enhancement,
  • provision of specialised Maritime Business Intelligence support

The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of databases and data analysis techniques, combined with an understanding of the Maritime Industry. You will also be tech-savvy and possess excellent managerial, prioritisation and communication skills.

The goal is to maintain accurate and timely information flow both within the organisation and as part of end-customer products and services.

More details and application is available here:

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