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Big Data: Interface of Statistics and Machine Learning, Prof Markatou, Univ at Buffalo, USA

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Big Data: Interface of Statistics and Machine Learning, Prof Markatou, Univ at Buffalo, USA

Δημοσίευση από Dimitris Karlis Την / Το Παρ 1 Σεπ 2017 - 23:43

The Department of Statistics, AUEB organizes a seminar with title

"Big Data: Interface of Statistics and Machine Learning"

The seminar will be given by Prof Marianthi Markatou, Professor of Biostatistics, University at Buffalo, USA. Prof Markatou is visiting our Department with a fellowship from the Greek Diaspora program (see ). The seminar  will address challenges from a perspective that incorporates statistical and machine learning aspects simultaneously.
The program of the seminar is the following:
Wednesday 27/9 12.00-14.00
Friday 29/9 12.00-14.00
Monday 2/10 12.00-14.00
Wednesday 4/10 12.00-14.00
Monday 9/10 12.00-14.00
Wednesday 11/10 12.00-14.00
For the last week, it is planned to include presentation of research from participants and discussion on research topics, so everybody interested in presenting such work or ideas is welcome.
Since there are space limitations, please send me your interest asap together with a short CV. Link to the application form is given below. There will be some selection due to limited space. Applications must be send via email to with subject "Big Data" until 15 September 2017. Notification will be sent till 20th of September.
The seminar is suitable for researchers (including faculty members)  but also for  postgraduate students in related areas.
The seminar is free of charge.
The venue will be the Postgraduate Building of AUEB, Evelpidon 37 and Lefkadas
The application form can be found here
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