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Post-Doctoral / Researcher in Biostatistics Marseille, France

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Post-Doctoral / Researcher in Biostatistics Marseille, France  Empty Post-Doctoral / Researcher in Biostatistics Marseille, France

Δημοσίευση από Dimitris Karlis Την / Το Τετ 13 Απρ 2016 - 15:51

The research centre SESSTIM, Economic and Social Health Sciences and Medical Data processing, (L’UMR 912, Sciences Economiques & Sociales de la Santé & Traitement de l’Information Médicale), INSERM/IRD/Aix-Marseille Université) consists of three interdisciplinary teams in economic and social sciences, social epidemiology and biostatistics and health data, applied to three broad research themes of:
Cancer (Team 1, CAN-BIOS),
Infectious Diseases (Team 2, ESSEM) and
Chronic diseases related/or unrelated to aging, (Team 3, CRISSPOP).

One of the principal research themes in biostatistics consists of the estimation of net survival and excess mortality due to cancer, notably using cancer registries. Different types of research have already been carried out on this theme, with a collaboration between biostatistical researchers and researchers in epidemiology, who have worked together over several years as part of a larger international network, called CENSUR (MESURE project: ANR 09-BLAN-0357, coord. Pr R. Giorgi; CENSUR project: ANR 12-BVS1-0028, coord. Pr R. Giorgi; COMPNETS project: INCa SHS-E-SP 2013, coord. Pr R. Giorgi).

Job Description
The post-doctoral researcher or researcher with more than 2 years post-doctoral experience in biostatistics will be integrated into the CENSUR research project (Challenges in the Estimation of Net SURvival), focusing on the estimation of net survival in cancer patients. He / She will work in a team with biostatisticians from the research group SESSTIM and with partner teams also involved in this work (based in France and abroad). His / Her objective will be to develop or adapt methods of analysis or statistical methods in the field of excess mortality analysis. The work will be notably focused on the development of flexible, multi-state models and on the development of a modelisation strategy for the analysis of prognostic factors. This theoretical work will help resolve problems linked to the data from cancer registers.
Required competencies

• Competent in biostatistics, or in mathematics or applied statistics
• Knowledge and competent in the domain of survival analysis and multi state modeling
• Proficiency in the software R
• Autonomy in the workplace
• Good teamwork skills and demonstrates initiative
• Curiosity
• Good interpersonal skills
• Rigorous, methodical and organised
• Competent in English reading and writing skills
o Doctoral / Post-doctoral researcher with a specialisation in biostatistics, or in mathematics or applied statistics.
o Contract Start date: June 2016 at the earliest.
o Type of contract: CDD full-time for 12 months.
o Salary: 2 365.52 € à 2 589.68 € monthly brut, according to experience, based on the contractual salary agreements with Inserm.
o Location: Université d’Aix-Marseille, Faculté de Médecine, Marseille, France.
o To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter to Professor Roch Giorgi:
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